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The Sketchbook Project

Housed in the tiny Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York is a global art project called The Sketchbook Project. Over 162,081 people from over 101 different countries have participated by creating over 36,000 sketchbooks.

In Jan. of 2018, I collaborated with three very talented ladies to create one of the 5" x 7" books. We chose Layers of Life as our theme because it was general enough to allow for interpretation by each artist. 

Each of us completed one signature of 4 pages front and back with our artwork. This is my signature. 

I wanted my signature to be interactive, and so I included text on 2 of my pages that was hidden 
but could be revealed by lifting.

The statement on this page is my interpretation of our theme.

At our reveal party, we shared our artwork and stitched our book together.

It was astounding to see how we each interpreted the theme. No two people had the same execution, however, each person's artwork was spot on with the theme.

In March 2018, our book took up residence at the Brooklyn Art Library until it was chosen to go "on tour" for the summer. It traveled to South Carolina, Georgia, and Long Island before heading back to Brooklyn. 

It was a great project to complete! The four of us plan to visit the library in the future.