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This is the biggest piece of artwork I’ve ever created and I love it! Watch the video for the 411 behind why I made the canvas and flip through the pics to see how I made the canvas. Enjoy!

Always Believe in Yourself

Check out my video to learn about this beautiful big piece of canvas that I created. I love it and hope you will too! Just click anywhere on the video to watch.

Step 1

I covered the gessoed canvas with dictionary pages.

Step 2

Next I painted the canvas with 3 colors and dried that.

Step 3

I adhered torn printed tissue paper onto the canvas.

Step 4

After that, I stenciled several different stencils with black paint all over the canvas. 

Step 5

Finally, I adhered the words which I had written on painted dictionary paper, and added gold dots throughout the piece.

Close up detail

Close up of the bottom left corner.

Close up detail

Close up of the top left corner.

Close up detail 

Close up of the bottom right corner.